A new generation of vintage bikes

Based on the European style and design of the 50's and 60's, modern retro bikes have become the most popular bicycle style around. They are simple, stylish and built for comfort and practicality. If you are looking a bicycle for a comfortable ride check out our range of men's and women's bicycles and components.


Keep it simple, keep it stylish, keep it only for you.

Bikes can be custom built. If you're looking to build your own bike, we have a huge range of components, so you can choose ythe perfect parts for your ride.


O2Town always be a work in progress. Our team is very small, so we have all spent enormous amounts of time in the growth of O2Town concept to where it is today. I create content for the web and shoot photography. The second founder, is our graphic designer and web developer. O2Town also have junior partners in charge of our marketing and public relations. We have all thrown together to launch our two retailers and our shop in Barcelona - Ptge. Maiol , 8

Bicycles in the city

Our philosophy is this: when more people ride bikes in cities, the safer that city is for cyclists. Actually, it’s not our philosophy. It’s a fact.